Our Vision
Our vision is to help people find hope in Jesus. We are guided by four anchors that keep us grounded and direct us in our journey in fulfilling what God has called us to – Our Mandate, Our Motives, Our Map, and Our Marks.
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Our Mandate

Our Values

We believe that the Bible and the teachings of Jesus are holy and the ordained word of God. The principles taught in scripture are fundamental in every choice we make.

We will live a life convicted to share the hope-filled gospel message of Jesus with everyone, everywhere.

We will live a life committed to the transforming work of the Holy Spirit in our life, going “beneath the surface” and allowing Jesus to change the untouched places in our lives. We seek to grow in our emotional and spiritual health to deepen our loving union with Christ and our expression of His love to others.

We will live a life where we make room for the Holy Spirit to direct, guide, and empower us as believers.

We help, strengthen, and support families to become all they are called to be in Christ.

We will live a life where in which transparency, accountability & integrity matters. They matter in our relationships with God, our family, and others.

We practice daily silence and stillness before the Lord, weekly sabbaths, and regularly slowing down our pace in life to live within our God-given limits.

We will live a life that exemplifies a spirit of humility, imitating the character of Christ toward others.

We are a church that gives generously to others.

We will live a life that honors God and inspires people by being our best in all that we do.

Our Targets

We are not interested in simply being a crowd of people on Sunday mornings.  We want to build deep, authentic connection–places where we can really know others and be known.
We aren’t about doing the same old things with a religious veneer. We aim to grow deeply in love for God, others, and ourselves–going back to go forward, so that we can become who God has made us to be.
Life Giving
We value giving out of who we really are, in the unique ways that God has made each of us, and in particular, serving our local communities through-out Brevard County.
Our Marks

We are shaped by an ancient practice, used by communities of Christians for nearly 2000 years, called a Rule of Life. The meaning of Rule comes from the Greek word for trellis. A trellis is a tool designed to enable a grapevine to get off the ground and grow upward, to become more fruitful and productive.

In the same way, a Rule of Life can be the trellis that helps us abide in Christ and become more fruitful spiritually. Hope Church’s Rule of Life is a descriptive and prescriptive framework to help shape spiritual practices that deepen our lives in Christ. Our Rule consists of four parts:

Prayer: Pray without ceasing. Befriend silence. Allow Holy Scripture to shape our lives. Embrace contemplative rhythms.       

Rest: Keep the Sabbath. Eliminate hurry. Practice self-care. Receive God’s limits as a gift.

Relationships: Point others to Jesus. Apply emotionally healthy practices to love well. Lead out of our marriages or singleness.

Work: Share our gifts generously. Savor the sacred in all things. Embrace all work as full-time ministry.